PSE September 2019 Code Release Included Shop By Price Fix and New Image Size Message


September 17, 2019  

A PointShop Enterprise code release was performed on Tuesday, September 17.
This code release contained:
  • Bug Fix: Shop By Price from left rail was going to generic error page, this has been corrected.
  • Enhancement: New notification message added to the siteadmin alerting merchants when an image file larger than the allowed 1.5MB is attempted to be uploaded. Image files larger than 1.5MB will not save, and this message provides a notice to reduce the image file size and then re-upload in order to use the new image.
  • Base platform performance and stability updates.

For any questions, as always you may contact Support by phone or email, by opening a Support Ticket, or through the Support Dashboard from the footer of your SiteAdmin.