PSE May 2019 Code Release Included Type-In QTY for Product Table & CVV Display

May 14, 2019
The Pointshop Enterprise May 2019 Code Release Included:
  • Product Table Display supports type-in quantity field: Table display for products with options now supports the option of a text field to type in the desired quantity, instead of a dropdown list of quantity options. (See examples below). This enhancement was released previously only for sites that did not use table display on any product pages. This is an optional change based on merchant preference.
  • Product pages: Multiple Highlights display in a row – In some sites, highlights on product pages were displaying stacked as one per row. Now all sites will show multiple highlights in a row when more than one highlight is assigned to a product, reducing the amount of scrolling needed to view the full page.
  • Credit Card CVV number displays from the View Details button – For sites that use standard (non-real-time) credit card processing, the customer’s credit card CVV number now displays in the pop-up window from click on the View Details button on the View Order page
  • Wish List “Remove” product function fixed - In some sites, the function to remove a product from the Wish List section in a customer’s My Account page was not working properly. This has been corrected.

Need Assistance?
If you have questions or issues related to any of the enhancements in this Code Release, please contact or 866‐994‐7467 x 2, or see the May 2019 installment of Release Notes sent via email for more details on the items in this release..